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Minecraft Light-Up Redstone Ore

Soothing illumination on tap
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Batteries (4x AA)

Slumber next to the warming glow of this rare and precious mineral
Three brightness levels that you can activate by giving it a tap
An officially licensed Minecraft collectible
Use it to power your elaborate Creeper deterrent rigs

We've burrowed deep down to within 10 blocks of bedrock to bring you this rare and precious mineral. Endowed with strong magnetic and conductive properties and a luminance of 9, you can now curl up in the warming glow of the Minecraft Light-Up Redstone Ore.

Sorry to break the mystique, but it's actually just made from rugged ABS plastic as opposed to carved from solid rock. And those are red LEDs glowing from within rather than priceless molten ore.

If you hit it with a pickaxe (enchanted with "Silk Touch" or otherwise) it will simply fall to pieces. But if you tap it gently with your hand it will begin to cycle through its three modes of brightness. The most cherished rock in all of Minecraft is now your very own soothing night light.

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Please Note:
  • Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)
  • Stackable but not renewable
  • Has a luminance of 9
Product Features:
  • Made from rugged ABS and glows with internal LEDs
  • Three brightness levels that you can activate by giving it a tap
  • Turns off automatically after 5 minutes if there's no interaction
  • An officially licensed Minecraft collectible
  • Measures approximately 7.5cm(W) x 7.5cm(H) x 7.5cm(D)
Customer reviews
"Great! Very nerdy."
Heather - 11th of May, 2015
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