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Novelty Gifts

We believe that life shouldn't be taken seriously and that everyone needs as many novelty gifts as they can get their trembling hands on. Our bulging assortment of novelty gifts are guaranteed to illicit a joyous smirk from even the most humourless humans. An edible anus made from chocolate? A set of glowing testicles that dangle from the back of your bike? A pair of luxurious lace panties...for men? Sound like fun? This is barely scratching the surface. We've got more novelty gifts than you can shake a Stress Sausage at. Find that perfect present for the self-proclaimed "joker", a funny gift to shock nanny Annie into hysterics, or perhaps a whole range of novelty gifts to rustle up some excitement in a now beige relationship. Whatever the occasion, this is the place to come for your novelty gifts fix.

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