April 2009
SatNav Shoes iREMember Dream Recorder
Powdered Beer P*ss Up In A Brewery Experience

Summer is here! And that’s official. But seeing as the general outlook is gloomier than a Black Sabbath B-side, we thought we’d kickstart April with a few forehead-slappingly astonishing new products.

First up, prepare to have your flabber thoroughly gasted by SatNav Shoes, stylish trainers packed with GPS technology. You’ll be lost without them! Next up there’s the iREMember Dream Recorder, an ingenious bit of kit capable of converting dreams into mindblowing video files. Yes, really!

You’ll need a drink after all that so why not sprinkle a sachet of Powdered Beer into regular tap water for a perfectly carbonated pint of 5.2% amber nectar. And if DIY wallop isn’t your bag, try our outrageous P*ss up in a Brewery Experience, a shockingly boozy day out involving beer, ladies, beer, peanuts and more beer. ‘Urp!

Until next time...
The Firebox Team

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