Üllo Wine Purifier
  • Üllo Wine Purifier
  • Üllo Wine Purifier
  • Üllo Wine Purifier
  • Üllo Wine Purifier
  • Üllo Wine Purifier
  • Üllo Wine Purifier
  • Üllo Wine Purifier

Üllo Wine Purifier

Üllo üllo üllo

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  • Make bad wine taste good and good wine taste AMAZING
  • Filtration system to easily remove grim sulphites from wine
  • Sulphites make it bitter and rubbish, basically
  • Some people even reckon they’re responsible for your hangover
  • Nests neatly in any standard wine glass
  • Easy to use and clean - just pour, then rinse!
  • Looks good on your shelf but also portable for remote grape-based poncery


Sulphites! A harmless preservative or a headache inducing additive? One thing’s for sure, they distort the taste of your favourite tipple, leaving you with a substandard glass and a sh*t night out. Sadly, there’s no escape from them as they’re a natural part of the fermentation process. 😩 Until now, that is.

The Üllo Wine Purifier transforms the cheapest plonk into the vineyard’s finest by freeing it from nasty sulphites. Pop this beautiful bit of kit out of its luxurious packaging and take a few minutes to gawp at its majesty before preparing yourself for bottle upon bottle of delicious, flavour enhanced wine.

It’s easy, just pour the wine in! Watch it hypnotically swirl through the filtration system like a coin in one of those fun charity collection boxes. When it gently emerges from the other side, it will be freed from sulphites and the bitter, bitter taste they cause - and any other grotty side effects they may be to blame for.

When you’re done, pop it in the sturdy but subtle rubber display base and give this objet d’art the place of honour on your mantelpiece. It’s too sleek to hideaway. So sleek that you’ll want to take it to restaurants to show off your fermentation tekkers for an audience. Or the site of your latest sacrificial ritual. Satanism has never been this upmarket.

Recline on your chaise and swish your vino about in this beautifully engineered purification system, like a wanky sommelier. Nobody will know it only cost a fiver and it was corked.*
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  • "Perfect gift for my red wine loving brother... bought one for my father in law last year for Christmas and he swears by."
    Annabelle - 12th of October, 2018
  • "No more headaches or blocked nose - this wonderful product means that I can once again enjoy great wine without any allergy fears."
    Tina - 26th of July, 2018