About Us

"...we don't stop playing because we get old;
we get old because we stop playing."

What is Firebox.com?

Wouldn't life be a little dull without a few weird and wonderful things to play with along the way? After all, getting old is inevitable, but growing up is optional.

That's why Firebox scours the world, looking for the very latest gadgets, toys, games and other cool stuff. We search high and low for gifts with a twist. Products that are inspirational, quirky, bizarre and downright fun.

We're very selective though - so only the most original, exciting and unique gifts get picked.

From Las Vegas to Los Alamos, Tokyo to Tashkent, we scour the world looking for the 'coolest stuff you can buy', then make it available through our award-winning website.

How did all this happen?

Firebox.com began life in early 1998 as hotbox.co.uk, an internet retailer founded by university friends Michael Smith and Tom Boardman. Operating out of Cardiff, the company saw rapid initial growth due to the huge success of Michael and Tom's (since much-imitated) invention, the Shot Glass Chess Set. In the Summer of 1999 the company moved to London and relaunched as Firebox.com. In 2002 the company opened its first combined Head Office and Distribution Centre located in South London.

  • Website - The Firebox.com website attracted over 80 million pageviews.
    (source: Google Analytics)

  • Email Newsletter - sent regularly to over 730,000 recipients.

  • Catalogue - Published each year with an annual circulation exceeding 7m copies.

  • Corporate - Firebox provides businesses big and small with alternatives to boring corporate merchandise and prizes.

  • Wholesale - Firebox provides a range of branded products to retailers looking to expand their range with our exciting and exclusive product lines.

...and along the way we have grown rapidly from the initial partnership of the two founders to a core team of over 40 staff.

Anything else to bear in mind?

Firebox.com strives - like a modern-day Rocky Balboa - to achieve greatness. Although we focus on maintaining excellent customer service and an exceptional and enjoyable shopping experience (rather than climbing stairs and fighting Mr T). If you have any questions, suggestions, or problems (or just want to see what our team all looked like as kids) then please check out our contact us page.