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How’s your ball control?

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    Can you solve the puzzle in time?

    Strap on your comfiest thinking cap, you’re going to be wearing it a while! The iball3 is a handheld puzzle game that’s so simple, but so infuriatingly tricky, that it’s impossible to put down.

    The little blue ball has six light-up buttons – each of which could be red, blue or green. Pressing them changes their colour, but not in a predictable cycle. No, the aim of this game is to work out which ones to press in sequence to turn them all the same colour. It’s baffling, maddening and thoroughly addictive!

    buttons everywhere

    The buttons are everywhere!

    And the best part – once you’ve beaten the clock and won the game you’ll be given a unique code. Enter this online and you can see how your score compares to the rest of the world! Now there’s a challenge...

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