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iaPeel Printable Skins
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iaPeel Printable Skins

I’ve got you under my skin

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    Everyone and their brother’s now got an iPad these days. And although yours is probably customised to the hilt inside, it’s almost certainly regulation black or white on the outside. That’s why you need to personalise and protect it with some iaPeel Printable Skins.

    The clue’s in the name because these protective vinyl skins can be printed with any photo or design you fancy: loved ones, heroes, landscapes, clip art, cartoon characters, Steve Jobs in swimwear – you name it.

    Simply download the software, print your chosen image onto the skins via your inkjet printer and apply using the handy pop-up tabs to align your gizmo. You can even create a matching screensaver to complete your image. Ooh, Bill Gates. Nice irony.

    Description Description Description

    Choose or design your art or photo...

    ...print design onto sheets provided... voilà! Your device is now unique.

    iaPeel Printable Skins won’t leave any gunk on your oh-so sleek iWhatever and with ten (five front/five back) blank gloss skins per pack for the phone versions and three blank gloss skins for the iPad versions, you can change designs whenever you get bored. Hang on, isn’t there an app for that?

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