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iZON Remote Room Monitor
  • iZON Remote Room Monitor
  • iZON Remote Room Monitor
  • iZON Remote Room Monitor
  • iZON Remote Room Monitor
  • iZON Remote Room Monitor

iZON Remote Room Monitor

Keep your iZON things

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    Sharing is caring, or so they say. But just try telling that to the room-mate whose last beer is missing, or the work-mate who can’t find her specially prepared, organic, vegan lunch, and did the teacher ever really believe that the dog eat your homework? Even if you’re lucky (or foolish) enough to trust everyone completely, sometimes it’s nice to be able to keep your eyes on things from afar.

    iZON unit on a shelf hidden

    Find your space for the iZON Unit

    App screenshot

    Set up the Stem:Connect App

    Unicorn masked man stealing the milk

    Now you're ready to catch the milk thief (red-hoofed in this case)

    With the excellent new iZON Remote Room Monitor you can keep a watchful eye on things while you’re at work, out shopping or on holidays at that lovely little spot on the Amalfi Coast. You can even program the iZON to respond to audio or motion detection. It’s like having your very own CCTV network, or a low-cost security guard, without the sloppy hygiene, sleeping on the job and other completely unfounded stereotypes.

    Incredibly easy to setup and operate; the iZON Remote Room Monitor can be placed on any horizontal surface or mounted to walls/trees/ceilings/bank vaults, and the angle is easily adjusted via the ingenious magnetic base. Then simply login to your secure user account, fill in some details and you’ll be streaming and recording live audio and video in no time.

    iZON Remote icons
    You can also add multiple camera units to the same account; meaning multiple lines of sight, or different locations. Once you’re rolling it can all be easily accessed wirelessly via the Stem:Connect smartphone App and footage can be downloaded direct to your preferred device.

    Check the footage – it looks like some vegans owe you an apology and we’d like to see that pesky pooch try and munch your final papers now. Nice one iZON.

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