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Sit on this

Product not available at the moment.
    We’ve seen all kinds of weird and wonderful iPhone/iPod speakers but we’ve never seen one you can sit on. Until now. So why not cue the music and park your posterior on the brilliantly bonkers iTamtam.

    Thanks to four 11W titanium tweeters and a beefy 25W subwoofer, this buttock-clenchingly impressive designer speaker packs a sonic punch capable of giving the most demanding audiophile a right ol’ cauliflower rear. Sit on that! But be careful if you do because iTamtam is best used as a stool when it hasn’t got your beloved iGizmo poking out the top.

    Just plug in the iTamtam and plonk it anywhere you fancy. It can even accommodate other music players via its 3.5mm input – although anyone with the designer nous to buy this curvaceous baby will undoubtedly have Apples coming out of their ears. Go on, your backside will thank you for it.

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