iRiver Slim-X

    iRiver Slim-X

    Slim n' Sleek with FM Tuner

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      The Slim-X has arrived... and it definitely looks "the business"! The remote control with its backlit graphical display (cool blue), three multifunction jog dials, and sturdy clip complete a very impressive remote. The small screen has all of the necessary information, helping you navigate through folders on your MP3 CDs and displaying a moving graphics display that dances in time with the music (you can change this to waveform). One jog dial controls volume, EQ, and programming FM presets; the second handles menu navigation, fast forward/rewind, and toggling between FM presets; a third switches between CD and radio and navigates +10 or -10 songs, a great option for dealing with 150-song MP3 CDs.. The main part of the player is small (not much bigger than a CD), light and very slim.

      As with some other portable audio devices, the Slim-X sports an in-line remote, meaning that it's built into the headphone wire. But since the headphones plug into the remote, you can swap in a high-end pair if the included ear buds don't do it for you.

      Of course, if the Slim-X didn't sound good, none of this would matter. Luckily, the audio is clear as a bell and cranks loud enough to rock even the hardiest ears, with punchy bass and crisp-as-MP3-gets highs. And an automatic Resume feature defaults to fading in the music right where you left off. We wish all CD-player manufacturers would include such a perk; after all, why wouldn't you want to start listening right where you left off?

      If this is the future of MP3 CD players then we are going to be very happy.

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