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iRig Mic
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iRig Mic

Live in your living room

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    iPhone app

    The iPhone app lets you use the microphone for many things

    Whether you’re recording a lecture, an interview, a musical performance, or just giving Adele a run for her money, the iRig Mic lets you capture professional-quality audio onto any iOS device. Just plug it straight into your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and you’re ready to go!

    Thanks to the highly unidirectional condenser-electret microphone capsule (snappy) the iRig is great for capturing audio in 360 degrees; either close up or from a distance. What’s more, the dual mini-jack that connects to your Apple gadget lets you monitor the input, so you can boost soft vocals or sift out ambient noise.

    sing guitar report

    Great for singing

    Record a guitar solo

    Perfect for video blogging too

    regular mic size

    Handy size for all uses

    While you can use the iRig with most audio processing apps, it comes bundled with VocaLive, AmpliTube and specially-developed iRig software for processing and adding real time effects – brilliant for songwriters and musicians to quickly piece tracks together.

    As the iRig is based on a regular live microphone it’ll fit into most mounts and is well suited to handheld performances. Plus, the rugged metal body will take most knocks and bumps – although you might want to hold off on the Roger Daltrey windmills.

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