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    Become a superstar iDJ

    Whether you DJ Bar Mistvas or the Balearics; lugging your own kit from place to place can be a real chore. And using someone else’s stuff can be a bit hit and miss. But what’s the alternative? Glad you asked.

    The iRig MIX is an incredibly compact mixing desk; loaded with all of your essential features (crossfader, cues, EQ and volume controls, etc.) and plugging into any audio source. Or sources, we should say, because this versatile gizmo can handle 2 separate inputs at a time. Better still, if you connect an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, it can handle 2 audio channels from just the one input. So yes, plug in 2 Apple gadgets and you can run up to 4 separate audio channels. But what are we saying? No one has two iPads. No one has two iPads… right?

    use all sorts of different inputs

    Use all sorts of peripherals

    Just fire up your favourite DJ app on your Apple wundergadget and the iRig MIX will handle the rest. Don’t have a favourite? Don’t worry. The iRig MIX comes with four to get your started: DJ Rig, AmpliTube, VocaLive and GrooveMaker. For a full list of compatible apps, just take a look below. While we’re on the subject of apps, another unique feature of this nifty deck is that while you’re using an Apple gadget and app as one audio source, you can be feeding in audio from a non-Apple product at the same time; whether that’s another MP3 player, turntable, CD player, or musical instrument.

    recording and amplifying

    Use it to record jam sessions too

    Did we not mention that? Well, we did say it was versatile. Indeed, with a port for a microphone, guitar, bass, or any number of electronic oojimaflips, this handy mini deck can be used by DJs, audiobloggers and everyone in between.

    In fact, at such a small size it’s the ideal piece of kit for anyone in the noisemaking business. Throw it in your iPad bag or backpack and you’ll be ready to mix it up at the drop of a hat. Mazel tov!

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