iPod Boombox
  • iPod Boombox

iPod Boombox

Breakdance party? No problem!

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    iPod Boombox

    Giggedy giggedy giggedy!

    Zip up your tracksuit, gather your crew and get ready for a retro-tastic dance-off because the iPod Boombox is here. This utterly ingenious flat-packed iPod speaker system looks just like an '80s style boombox. You know, the shoulder-riding sound systems used by breakdancers, posers and anyone else keen to assault the eardrums of the general public. And get this, it's made of cardboard. Why? Don't ask us. It's like that (that's just the way it is).

    iPod Boombox

    Fold open box

    Put the tabs into the slots

    Fold and make the handle

    Created by our clever old homies over at Suck UK, the iPod Boombox is a doddle to assemble. In fact it's easier than doing the robot. Simply unfold the cardboard, attach the speakers, bung in the batteries and you're away. Obviously you'll need to supply the iPod (well what do you expect for £20).

    iPod Boombox

    Connect the handle

    Slide iPod into place

    Insert audio lead

    iPod Boombox


    Despite its lowly price tag and cardboard construction, the iPod Boombox produces surprisingly crisp, powerful sonics. It's perfect for a quick blast, particularly if you're playing a few retro tunes or bustin' some old-skool moves in front of workmates. We just had a dance-off down Firebox alley and it was a scream, especially when an employee split his trousers attempting a caterpillar. Or was it an elbow freeze?

    iPod Boombox

    You spin me right round baby...

    Ideal for parties, non-rainy picnics, posing around the office ('Yo, senior vice president, my man') and desktop display, this is one 80s throwback that still has a place in the hi-tech Noughties. We guarantee onlookers will be intrigued and amazed by the quality cacophony produced by this cardboard classic.

    iPod Boombox

    iPod Boombox comes flat packed in this cool packaging

    iPod Boombox


    Once cynics hear your iPod blasting out of this phat faux-ny they'll marvel at your cool every time you jive on over to the water cooler with it glued to your shoulder. Maybe. But even if you're surrounded by know-nothing whippersnappers, the iPod Boombox will transport all you nostalgia freaks straight back to the big-button glory days of all-in-one portable audio. Smart? It's totally fresh!

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