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iPhone Live Rider

How’s my cycling?

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    iPhone Live Rider attached to the bike

    View your stats and map
    while you ride!

    Cycling here there and everywhere is a great way to keep the love handles at bay, but how can you tell if you’re getting any fitter? Exercise bikes in the gym have all sorts of techno-trickery to show you how hard you’re working, but out on the road it can be a bit of a mystery.

    The award winning iPhone LiveRider solves this problem by streaming information on your journey directly to your handle-bar mounted iPhone or iPod Touch. A sealed wireless sensor near to your rear wheel detects your bike’s speed and pedal cadence, feeding the data to a dedicated app. on your device (downloaded free from iTunes), which displays the information in real time.

    Attaching the handlebar mount Attaching the cadence sensor Attaching the spoke magnet

    Attach handlebar mount

    Attach cadence magnet and sensor

    Attach spoke magnet

    How is this useful? As well as keeping you constantly updated on your speed and distance travelled (the GPS feature provides your location), the LiveRider stores all of the data it receives so you can keep tabs on how you’re improving over time - for instance it will also calculate the number of calories burned. What’s more, using the Chase Rider function you can compete against your personal best on familiar journeys and it includes a file system to save the detailed data from each ride which can be reviewed graphically or exported via email and imported into any spreadsheet, document, or database. Did we also mention the swish spiral dial that shows your speed as you’re cycling along? It’s a speedo for your bike! Time to find a big hill.


    1) Handlebar mount, 2) LiveRider wireless 2.4GHz receiver/dongle, 3) Zipties, 4) Rear wheel spoke magnet,
    5) Pedal magnet, 6) Universal wireless 2.4GHz sensor/transmitter. Not shown: Pedal magnet spacer and Allen key

    More detail and specification