iPhone 4 Power Case
  • iPhone 4 Power Case

iPhone 4 Power Case

A case of almighty oomph

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    The iPhone 4 Power Case's holes

    Holes for the camera and buttons

    Flat iPhone battery? Unlucky. There’s not an app for that, even on the fancy iPhone 4. And as every iPhoner knows, running out of juice when you’re out and about is a tragedy of geek proportions. So why not slip your Apple into the nifty iPhone 4 Power Case.

    Despite its slimline styling, this smart hard shell case incorporates a rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery. Simply charge it up beforehand and presto – lots of juicy back-up power wherever you may roam. You won’t even need to remove your iPhone when you get home because it charges simultaneously with the Power Case every time you USB it into your computer

    The USB port on the iPhone 4 Power Case

    Charge up via USB

    Available in jet black, this no-nonsense power suit is an essential accessory for any iPhone 4 owner who can’t be doing with separate batteries and chargers. And as a discerning gadgeteer (well, you’re reading this) that means you. iHave the power!

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