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    Board games were all the rage back when we were tiddlywinks. But these days, those bulky cardboard boxes have been relegated to the back of the cupboard; and replaced by apps, touchscreens and that all-encompassing of tools, the iPad. But that doesn’t mean the board game format has died a death. Thanks to iPawn Games you can now turn your precious Apple tablet into any number of classic (and not-so-classic) board games.

    snakes and ladders

    iPawn Snakes and Ladders

    Take iPawn Snakes and Ladders, for example. Download the free app and you can use your iPad as a classic Snakes and Ladders board. The stylish counters are made from ABS plastic, which conducts the tiny electrical charges from your fingertips to the iPad’s screen. So the screen will respond to the counters only when you touch them.

    But this ain’t no bit of printed cardboard you’re playing on. The whole thing is interactive! Watch the snakes writhe and hiss as you dance your counters past them. Climb the ladders, slide down the snakes and race up to 4 people to the finish!

    fishing screenshot

    iPawn Fishing

    iPawn Fishing lets you practice your skills with a rod. Using the free app you can turn your iPad’s screen into a pond of hungry fishies. Hoik ‘em out with a well-timed dab from your fishing rod, then drag them to your bucket at the side of the pond. Play with up to 4 of your friends at the same time – the one with the most fish in their bucket when the time runs out wins!

    playing Game of Goose

    iPawn Game of Goose

    For the more traditional style of turn-taking game, iPawn Game of Goose is the one for you. Pick one of six coloured iPawn geese pieces and race to the centre of the board, avoiding the traps and pitfalls along the way. The whole board is full of surprises, sound effects and animations to keep you and up to three other players on your (webbed) toes.

    a game of Air Hockey

    iPawn Air Hockey

    Finally, iPawn Air Hockey is the perfect game for anyone who likes their fun fast and furious. Just like a real air hockey table, you’ll take control of one side of the table, defending your goal mouth with one of the iPawn pusher pieces. Knock the virtual puck back and forth between you, rattle it off the walls and hammer it into your opponent’s goal. Activate the Tournament function for up to 6 players to go head to head, to decide who is the ultimate Air Hockey champion!

    With all these games to play (and more in the pipeline), iPawn Games are a brilliant way to turn your high-tech kit into a range of classic games that the whole family can enjoy. And best of all, when you’re finished playing there’s barely anything to pack away!

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