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iPad Duo Travel Stand
  • iPad Duo Travel Stand

iPad Duo Travel Stand

What’s your angle?

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    use the 16º angle to type, game and browse the internet on

    16º angle is perfect for typing

    Those smart chaps at Apple have thought of everything when it comes to features on the iPad, but until they come up with an app for defying gravity, propping it up to watch media is still a bit of an issue. Especially when you’re on the move. Well now you needn’t worry, because the iPad Duo Travel Stand is the perfect portable support for your favourite game-changing gadget.

    The compact stand is sturdy and folds easily

    Rigid metal frame in a silicone skin

    Thanks to its nifty design, the Duo Travel Stand will prop up an iPad in one of two ways: a 60° angle for watching your media and browsing the internet, or a shallower 16° angle for typing and text input.

    Built from two strips of metal, joined by a silicone skin, the Duo Travel Stand is rigid enough to support your iPad 2 without any flex or wobble. Thanks to its compact design it’ll also fold flat, to slide neatly into a bag or jacket pocket. Not only does the soft silicone provide the hinge, but it gives the Duo Travel Stand a great tactile feel and non-slip surface that won’t scratch your iPad.

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