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iPICS2GO Negative to iPhone Scanner
  • iPICS2GO Negative to iPhone Scanner

iPICS2GO Negative to iPhone Scanner

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    iPhone sits neatly on the top

    It wasn’t that long ago that all photos were taken on 35mm film (or something like it). We know, it sounds like something from the pre-industrial era, but until digital photography came around we didn’t know any better. Ask anyone old enough to remember Airwolf and they’ll probably tell you they own stacks of old photographs, slides and negatives – probably in countless chunky albums or boxes in the loft.

    Well for iPhone 4 or 4S users it’s never been easier to convert those clunky and perishable formats into easy to store digital images. Thanks to the iPICS2GO Negative to iPhone Scanner you can save all of your photographs, slides and negatives straight to your mobile – then edit, save, and share them in an instant!

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    Select which format to scan

    Just plug your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S into the top, fire up the powerful editing app and feed a photo, slide or negative into the PICS2GO. With the app’s easy-to-use controls you can scan your pics in seconds, and save them as a digital file that’ll last forever. Or at least until the next technological revolution.

    Battery-powered and designed purely for the iPhone 4 and 4S, the iPICS2GO is a handy little gadget that you can use anywhere in the house. Scan your family album while you’re watching the telly; or take it round your Nan’s house and go through her black and white snaps. There’s never been an easier or more convenient way to save your precious, perishable photo prints. As for the ones of you running barebot around the garden... well, they’re probably best left where they are.

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