iNo Quiz Game
  • iNo Quiz Game

iNo Quiz Game

Who put the ram in the rama-lama-dingdong?

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    iNo Quiz Game

    Set your iPod to shuffle...

    Is it the intro to Kinky Afro or a snippet of Mardy Bum? Who sang United States of Whatever? What album was Mysterious Girl on? These are just a few of the questions we've pondered since the iNo Quiz Game arrived here at Firebox Towers.

    Specifically designed for iPod owners, this brilliant party game/speaker dock transforms your not-so-humble player into a fast and furious interactive music quiz. Just pop your iPod in the sphere, set it to shuffle, grab one of the wireless remotes and let battle commence. It's like a hi-tech version of Name that Tune minus Tom O' Connor's terrible jokes.

    iNo Quiz Game

    ...oohh I should know this!

    Gameplay is pretty obvious but for all you unfortunates who actually know the name of the aforementioned Peter Andre album, we'll explain. The first player selects an iNo playing card and tells opponents what element of the song they must identify: title, artist, album, etc.

    Playing the game...

    iNo Quiz Game

    if you know the answer - hit the remote

    ...the indicator shows who hit the button the quickest

    Each player has their own colour-coded scoreboard!

    iNo Quiz Game

    Stereo speakers

    The first person to buzz in pauses the song. Correct answers equal points and a nice little ego boost; incorrect answers equal points deducted and a whole lot of pointing and laughing. Well they do if you mistake the intro to some Lil Chris song for a Buzzcocks classic. The player with the most points wins. Easy.

    iNo Quiz Game

    Make sure you're up to speed on your music!

    Of course half the fun of iNo is finding out what tunes are hidden deep inside your friends' iPods. Who knew DJ Otzi was so popular? But if you think you know all the songs on your own iPod, think again - we can only assume we downloaded David Sneddon's greatest hit by mistake.

    The controls:

    iNo Quiz Game

    iNo Quiz Game

    Also available in black

    Battery-operated with colour-coded LED scoreboards, iNo is ideal for know-it-all music buffs and anyone who enjoys music-based shenanigans. And because it doubles up as a pretty decent speaker, it's a fantastic gizmo to bring to parties. that Oasis or Status Quo? It's hard to tell.

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