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iMusic Pillow
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iMusic Pillow

Sleep Soundly

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  • More comfortable and infinitely less sweaty than headphones
  • Uses Bluetooth so you won't be strangled by wires
  • Cure your insomnia, listen to music or learn Swahili
  • Built-in speaker designed to not disturb those sleeping next to you
  • Drown out that incessant snoring hog


Are you tired of feeling like you're sleeping next to an enormous snoring hog? Do you yearn to peacefully drift off to the smooth sounds of 70's soul records or the dulcet tones of a Stephen Fry-narrated audio book?

Thanks to the iMusic Pillow you can do all three, and without strangling yourself with a pair of sweaty headphones either! No cables or wires, just pair this clever cushion with your Bluetooth-enabled device and rest your weary head.

Deep within the epicentre of this soft and cosy pillow lies a powerful hidden speaker that is specifically designed to play at a comfortable volume without disturbing anyone sleeping next you. Oh and for those precious 'Princess and the Pea' types – you won't even feel that its in there.

As perfect for watching TV in bed as it is for a long and sleepy car journey; lay your drowsy noggin on this plump pillow and prepare to drift soundly off to sleep.

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