iLuv iPhone Speaker Dock
  • iLuv iPhone Speaker Dock

iLuv iPhone Speaker Dock

Dock with app-tastic alarm clock

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    Rotating the iPhone App Station 90 degrees

    Rotate 90°!

    Docking station, shmocking station. These iPhone/iPod docks are all the same, aren’t they? Well no, because the iPhone App Station utilises a customisable app to display the time. So instead of squinting at some puny LCD display you can view the time, set various alarms and check out the weather via your beloved iWhatever’s glorious screen.

    As well as its ability to get you out of bed, this nifty noisemaker can be rolled onto its side, allowing you to watch movies, play games, gawp at photos and fiddle with apps vertically or horizontally. Good, eh!

    Function buttons on the iPhone App Station Showing the battery compartment on the iPhone App Station Adjusting the mount

    Power, Volume and Snooze buttons

    Mains powered or uses 6x AA batteries (not included)

    Adjust the mount

    iPhone App Station on the bedside table

    Charge your phone overnight and wake up in style!

    Needless to say, this sleek bit of kit charges your iPhone/iPod on the job and doubles up as a seriously impressive sound system. Unpronounceable new technology gives the optimally balanced speaker a gorgeously rich, punchy tone that completely defies the App Station’s size and price. Use it in conjunction with games, movies, music and more. Like Mr Spock in sonic nirvana you won’t believe your ears.

    Close up of the iPhone on the iPhone App Station

    Make good use of all your Apps

    iPhone App Station on the office desktop

    Useful for hands-free Skype-ing
    and many other Apps!

    With a dock this versatile plonking your Apple anywhere else in the house would be downright rude. Actually, scratch that bit about the house because this baby is mains or battery powered. You can even use it to amplify other sound-spewing gizmos (as long as they’ve got a 3.5mm jack). Did we also mention it comes in handy for a bit of hands-free Skype-ing? Well it does, so there!

    If you’re still waking up to a dead iPhone and an ancient alarm clock it’s time to smell the coffee and step up to an iPhone App Station. Speaking of which, the only thing it can’t do is make the tea. Or the coffee. But there’s sure to be an app for that.

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