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iLaunch Thunder

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    Take aim at your intended target

    Forget exchanging snarky emails and flicking rubber bands at each other. When it comes to office politics, settle things the Schwarzenegger way with the iLaunch Thunder. Officially licensed by Apple – and styled to match their dazzling mobile gizmos – this sleek missile launcher uses air-powered pistons to shoot the spongy projectiles up to 8 metres. But best of all, the whole thing can be controlled wirelessly from any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad! So while you look busy sending an important text message, you can actually be lining up the perfect shot. They’ll never see it coming…

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    On my (bluetooth) signal...

    So how does it work? Simply download the free iLaunch app to your mobile device, fire it up and use your Bluetooth controls to connect to the iLaunch Thunder. With the simple touchscreen controls you can rotate the launcher through 270 degrees and tilt up or down through 45 degrees – giving you a field of fire roughly 1,400 square feet in size!

    When you’re happy with your position – fire! Rattle off all four missiles at your target, or adjust your aim between shots. Simply shake your iDevice to fire each missile. It’s the ultimate way to get your colleagues’ attention, or a spectacular deterrent from bothersome visitors.

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    USB charging socket

    Charge the iLaunch via USB

    In fact, since the iLaunch Thunder is completely wireless you can use it anywhere – in the park, on the bus, at the library, you name it! When the lithium battery runs out simply plug it into your computer’s USB port and recharge it. Hasta la vista, baby.

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