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iLP Turntable
  • iLP Turntable

iLP Turntable

You spin me round like a record (being transferred to an iPad)

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    iLP Turntable

    Converts to your iPhone, iPod or iPad!

    We've seen plenty of USB Turntables over the last few years, but nothing as technically awesome and sleek as the iLP Turntable. Suitable for vinyl lovers only, this ingenious turntable will convert your old LPs direct to your iPad, iPhone or iPod - no computer needed.

    To transfer vinyl directly to your iPad, simply pop the player in the slot, spin the vinyl and hit record. Smart electronic jiggery pokery then transfers all those long-forgotten classics straight into your iPad’s music app. It even separates tracks automatically.

    If the computer is your preferred storage device, simply plug this chic little turntable into the nearest USB port, fire up the idiot-proof EZ vinyl converter software and start converting your collection. Forget about clumsy adaptors, special drivers and mismatched software. It's easier than, er...well, it's easier than putting a record on!

    inputs and outputs

    Audio outputs, USB and DC power inputs and power button

    iLP Turntable
    Did we mention that this vinyl converter also plays vinyl? With a built in amp and RCA outputs you can connect it to your home audio player and pump out Zeppelin like it was 1977. Big perm not required.

    Back to black, a timeless high gloss finishes off iLP Turntable perfectly. Coupled with a hinged dust cover to protect your limited edition Van Halen picture disc and adjustable feet make this one turntable impervious to time.

    Speed switch

    Plays all the speeds

    Whether it's Whitesnake, Wham, Spandau or some ancient disc belonging to your dad, the iLP Turntable can convert it. And it doesn't matter what speed the records in question are - this turntable can handle both 33s and 45s. So why not forget about buying any new music for a while and rediscover your vinyl. All right? Not 'arf!

    Recording to MP3
    This simple guide explains how to record MP3s using your USB Turntable and the EZ vinyl converter software (included). This process is very similar for other operating systems.

    Step 1   Step 2   Step 3

    Plug into your computer via USB


    Load up EZ vinyl converter software


    Record using automatic track splitting

    Step 1   Step 2   Step 3

    Tag your tracks


    Export to iTunes


    Enjoy listening to your new MP3's!

    More detail and specification