iKon RC Buggy
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iKon RC Buggy

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    Now, we know you’re not meant to drive and use your mobile phone at the same time; but the iKon RC Buggy is an exception to the rule. Why? Because this stylish racer is actually controlled from your iPhone! Or iPad, or iPod Touch, in fact. Just plug the iKon RC dongle into your Apple gadget, fire up the free app and you’re ready to go.

    With a cruising speed of 10ft per second (about 7mph) the iKon is all about quality and precision; starting with the construction itself. For example, while most RC cars come with a flimsy plastic shell, the iKon body is made from aluminium. Rack and pinion steering and the high-grip tyres ensure responsive controls and superb handling. And when it comes to loose and uneven surfaces, the independent wishbone suspension will be sure to even out the kinks.

    Combined with dual core motors and a distinctly sci-fi look, the iKon will be sure to tick all of the app-fans’ boxes.

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