iHome iDM12 Portable Bluetooth Stereo Speaker
  • iHome iDM12 Portable Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

iHome iDM12 Portable Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

Grooves on the move

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    When it comes to media on the move, the iPad is pretty hard to beat. So what’s the problem? Well, if you’re out and about and you want to share music, movies, or hilarious YouTube clips with friends, the iPad’s titchy speakers can often be drowned out by background noise. That’s where the iHome iDM12 Portable Bluetooth Stereo Speaker comes in.

    Stand is attached magnetically Slide the stand feet out Description

    The speaker cover detaches to become an iPad stand!

    Slide the stand feet out

    Sync with your iPad (or iPhone)
    via bluetooth

    This handy 2-piece kit acts as both a stand for your iPad and a separate wireless speaker. Just fold out the stand’s feet, prop up your iPad (either portrait or landscape), and sync it with the Bluetooth speaker. Now when you come to play your music, games and media, your ears will be bathed in dazzling audio to match your snazzy tablet.

    Compatible with all Bluetooth devices including iPhones, Macbooks and Android phones this speaker is clear and powerful enough to impress any gadget fan.


    Simple controls

    The iDM12 clips together magnetically for when you’re on the move. And the sleek capsule shape makes it a doddle to slip into a bag when you’re heading out of the door. When it runs out of juice, just plug it into the mains and the lithium-ion battery will recharge in no time, ready for your next adventure.

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