iGo DLP Pocket Projector
  • iGo DLP Pocket Projector

iGo DLP Pocket Projector

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    Projects up to 70

    Projects up to 70"

    Back in the Dark Ages (aka about ten years ago) projecting images onto walls and ceilings required noisy contraptions the size of pedal bins. Indeed projectors could only be described as palm sized if your name was King Kong. Fast forward to right here, right now and projectors are getting smaller and smarter by the second. Witness the award-winning iGo DLP Pocket Projector.

    No bigger than a packet of cigarettes, this high-contrast projector is all set to put an end to small screen squint syndrome. Simply hook up your video device (Flip camera, DVD player, laptop, smartphone*, camcorder) via the relevant cable (HDMI, micro HDMI, USB, VGA and AV cables are all included) and sit back as the sleek iGo beams your movies, stills and presentations onto any flat surface, across an area up to 70”. You can also whoosh stored movies straight in via Micro SD card. It really is the undisputed king of connectivity.

    Connect via HDMI Selecting source Projecting the video

    Connect your Camcorder via HDMI

    Select the source input

    Project your video!

    DLP Lens

    DLP Lens

    Thanks to its 20 lumens brightness and DLP lens, image quality is eye-poppingly sharp. Fuzzy faces and blurry backgrounds? Not any more! Use the iGo in conjunction with a screen and you could be at the movies, albeit watching a badly shot film starring your mate shoving chips up his nose.
    inputs and connections

    1) Focus wheel , 2) VGA/Component input, 3) Mini HDMI input, 4) Micro USB input,
    5) Micro SD card slot, 6) AV in, 7) Audio out

    For a truly cinematic experience you can even hook up some fancy speakers, although the iGo’s built-in 0.5W noise-chucker is more than adequate for spur of the moment viewing sessions. Speaking of impromptu gawping, this is where the iGo truly shines. Pop it in your pocket/bag and you’ll never need to jostle for position as you squint over another titchy screen. The whole plug ‘n’ go process is totally idiot-proof. Now all you need are some friends and relatives worthy of the big screen treatment. ‘Muuuum!’

    1) VGA cable, 2) Power adapter, 3) UK/US plug, 4) Video cable, 5) Mini-HDMI cable,
    6) Mini-Micro-HDMI converter, 7) USB cable, 8) Carry pouch

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