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iDog Pups

You can teach an old dog new tricks!

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    Guess what musical mutt fans? Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, iDog has spawned a litter of über-funky puppies!

    Not as sophisticated as their dawg-gone dude of a dad, iDog Pups are still hip to the latest grooves. Just sit one near a speaker and his/her lights will flash in time to the music. iDog Pups also bop and move to the beat.

    But here’s the good bit: each pup has its own distinctive musical taste (choose from Rock, Dance, Pop or Hip Hop). And when the music stops, iDog Pups will play 12 of their own style-specific tunes.

    Just like iDog, these impossibly cute canines react to the tunes you play, and the rhythm of their music tells you what kind of mood they’re in: excited, happy, lonely or sad. You’d be barking mad not to give one a home!

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