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It’s blinkin’ geek to me

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    Perfect accessory for your power suit

    We love it when tech meets tradition. But like everything in life there’s a fine line between clever and stupid. Thankfully iCufflinks fall into the former category because there’s nothing daft about electronic open source cufflinks. More importantly these sleek little links allow you to hint at your inner geek without looking nerdy.

    Machined from the finest aluminum, each iCufflink features a Mac-inspired LED power icon that gently pulsates as you go about your evening in a highly Bond-esque/Napoleon Dynamite-ish fashion. I have the power? You betcha.

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    Keep them in their nice display case

    Wear these remarkable battery-powered accessories to a dimly lit soiree and fellow revellers will be queuing up to compliment you on your understated style… before quizzing you on the intricacies of Android versus iOS 5. Probably. Whatever happens you’ll have the coolest cufflinks in town.

    Speaking of geekiness, iCufflinks are being touted as the world’s first open source cufflinks. Yes, really because tinkerers can download the schematics and CAD files, Jack Bauer-style, and customise the light patterns to pulsate in any fashion. Yeah, We Will Rock You. On cufflinks! You can even send obscene Morse code signals to colleagues across the boardroom table.


    Flash your iCufflinks at impressed colleagues and clients

    An ideal gift for lovers of geek-chic accessories and cufflink collectors in search of something with a 21st century twist, iCufflinks will blink for around 24 hours on a single set of easily replaceable batteries – and when you consider how often your average screen-monkey/programmer wears a suit that’s a veritable lifetime. Flashing whilst wearing a suit? It’s the only way forward.

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