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iCade for iPad

New high score!

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Exciting Update:
Pac-Man is now iCade compatible! The new version adds support for the iCade allowing you to use the iCade arcade cabinet joystick to control this retro gaming classic. The total number of compatible games available for iCade on the iPad now exceeds 200!


    quality controls complete the retro feel

    Chunky joystick & 8 full-sized buttons

    Playing retro arcade games on the world’s most advanced touchscreen tablet is a bit like using a Space Shuttle to pop to the corner shop: daft but immeasurably entertaining. And that’s precisely why we love the iCade for iPad.

    This arcade-style cabinet features a reassuringly chunky joystick and eight full-sized buttons that wirelessly integrate with your iPad’s internal jiggery pokery, allowing you to play various retro titles downloadable via the Atari Greatest Hits app. Mum, lend us 10p.

    aaron's stunt double playing with iCade

    Works with hundreds of iPad games!

    As well as a whole heap of Atari classics, new and existing apps can be easily updated to work with iCade. Ooh, Angry Birds with a retro twist. This really is one of the greatest iPad accessories we’ve ever seen. On the rare occasions you’re not twiddling its high quality joystick, the iCade doubles up as stylish stand for your iPad. Put it on your desk and we guarantee you’ll be unable to resist a quick game of Asteroids every time you pass. Game (and life) over!

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