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    twist the phone around

    Rotate your iPhone to suit each game

    It’s clear that when it comes to mobile gadgets, touchscreens are the way forward. They’re just so darned versatile! On the same screen, you could be writing an email one minute and playing Guitar Hero the next. But it’s here that you notice a design flaw. When it comes to certain games, there’s just no replacing physical buttons.

    You know the kind of games we’re talking about – those button-bashing classics, where the difference between glory and Game Over is the slightest tweak of an action button. When you play these games on a touchscreen, it’s all too easy for your thumbs to wander from the virtual equivalent.

    Well not with iCade Mobile. This nifty Bluetooth gizmo turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into the ultimate handheld games console.


    All the controls at your fingertips. Now beat your friends' Game Center highscores!

    Just load your Apple gadget into the iCade’s padded cradle and fire up your favourite games. Pair the two via Bluetooth and use the physical buttons on the iCade itself to navigate and play. With a four-way direction pad, four front-facing buttons and four shoulder buttons, every action and command is within easy reach.

    Even more handy; the cradle of the iCade Mobile can be rotated through 90 degrees and locked in place. So flipping from landscape to portrait view is an absolute doddle.

    So forget dabbing at virtual buttons and obscuring your screen with clumsy sausage fingers. Grab an iCade Mobile and give your thumbs the edge they need.

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