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iBend iPhone Stand
  • iBend iPhone Stand

iBend iPhone Stand

Look ma, no hands!

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    Watch how the iBend works

    Watch how the iBend works

    Your beloved iPhone is so smart it can do almost anything: guide you to Timbuktu, identify obscure Sinitta B-sides, tell you how to poach haddock, play vids…oh yes, it can even make phone calls. In fact the only thing it can’t do is stand up for itself – and we don’t mean it wets itself every time it’s surrounded by a gang of BlackBerries. We mean it literally can’t stand up. Enter the iBend.

    Simple but forehead-slappingly effective, this ludicrously lightweight strip of vinyl holds your beloved iPhone (or iPod touch) at a perfect viewing angle, allowing you to watch movies, slideshows, apps and much more. Using it is a doddle: simply bend it into shape and plop your gizmo between its grooves. It’s easier than putting on a hat.

    Designs come in pairs.

    Designs come in pairs. Choose from: Classic (as shown on main image), Owl (L) or Moustache (R)

    Makes a great little gift

    Makes a great little gift

    Wallet friendly in every sense, the iBend is a mere sliver of a thingummy, so much so you can even slip it in-between your iPhone and its protective case. Unobtrusive? Totally.

    Just think, with an with an iBend nestling in your wallet you can check out the latest Jennifer Aniston turkey, watch Westlife maim that tune, enjoy a slideshow, or simply stand back and admire your iPhone in all its designer glory – all without knackering your hands or fiddling with the angle to accommodate fellow gawpers. Result!

    Best of all you get two iBends in each pack, so you can give one to a friend or keep both, depending on how generous or stingy you’re feeling. It’s a win-win scenario any way you slice it. So get ordering or forever hold your iPhone.

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