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iAxe USB Guitar
  • iAxe USB Guitar

iAxe USB Guitar

Plucking genius

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    The electric guitar is without doubt the greatest weapon in the rock 'n' roll armoury. Indeed the crunching kerrang of a nicely distorted axe is, in our humble opinion, the finest sound in the world.

    The problem is, achieving sonic nirvana whilst spanking your plank requires all manner of accessories, including racks of pedals and a whopping great stack. Step forward the amazing iAxe 393 USB Guitar.

    iAxe USB Guitar

    White iAxe USB Guitar

    iAxe USB Guitar
    This revolutionary instrument might look like a top-notch electric guitar featuring a maple neck, solid body, single-coil pickups with 5-way switching, chrome machine heads and a vintage whammy bar - and that's because it is. But it's also an ingenious USB-friendly axe that allows you to transform your computer into an amp, effects rack and recording system without any additional hardware.

    iAxe USB Guitar iAxe USB Guitar iAxe USB Guitar


    Virtual Amp

    iAxe USB Guitar

    Resident rock-star 'The Hoy' gets a little carried away

    Going way past eleven in terms of features, this Strat-style guitar comes with idiot-proof software that lets you jam along with your favourite music files. You can even slow tracks down or speed them up for learning and practising - ideal if you're into shredding metal or plodding pop. There's also a multi-track recording/editing function, so you can record your wicked riffing, two-handed tap-offs and sweeping arpeggios (or something like that) on the spot. Sticking your tongue out like him out of Kiss is entirely optional.

    iAxe USB Guitar

    Black iAxe USB Guitar

    iAxe USB Guitar
    But what does all this hi-tech jiggery pokery do sound-wise? Well, pretty much everything as the included software can recreate countless combo sounds, from tube to transistor, soft to distorted, warm to edgy. No wall of speakers or mile-long pedal deck required. And if you're worried about the neighbours (how very un-rock 'n' roll) you can listen to your plucking genius via headphones.

    Whether you're a wannabe widdler or a lightning-fingered axemeister, the iAxe 393 USB Guitar is guaranteed to blow you away with its playability, sound and functionality. So get ordering before we come over all rock starry and smash the entire shipment to smithereens. For those about to rock, we salute you.

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