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    Before writing this we briefly considered trawling the web for some fish-related puns. Fortunately iFish is the greatest desktop companion in fishtory, so we didn't bother ex-salmon-ing any in detail. Besides, fish-based wordplay can be coddamn annoying after a while. Enough already!

    So what exactly is iFish? Well, just like iDog (iFish's canine counterpart), this chic little critter is a music loving interactive speaker. Simply play iFish some of your favourite tunes and prepare to be amazed as it comes to life, swishing its segmented tail and flashing its LED 'mood' lights. Thanks to a couple of wheels in its belly, iFish can even spin around and 'swim' on your desk.

    Just like the goldfish you tormented as a kid, iFish is sensitive to movement. Tapping its head causes the colourful LEDs within to display various soothing patterns. Thankfully you won't have to flush iFish down the loo if it starts to flounder; simply shove on some up-tempo tunes and this engaging little chap will rock to the beat and even make a few watery noises.

    For mellower moments iFish is preloaded with several calming soundtracks. All you have to do is press his fin and chill to the sound of rippling waves, relaxing bubbles and countless other relaxing aquatic outpourings. Talking of the loo….

    Using iFish as a speaker for your MP3 player is easier than splodging ketchup on your fishcakes. Simply plaice (sorry, we couldn't resist) iFish's 3.5mm audio cable into your player's headphone socket and you're away. Whether it's Shrimp Biscuit or Kylie Minnow (okay, that's it), iFish will amplify your music with surprising clarity. For a fish.

    Yes, there are plenty more fish in the sea but there is only a limited supply of iFish in the Firebox aquarium. So hurry up and hit Buy before everyone wants to reel in a multifunctional music-loving fish of their own. Glug!

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