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i-cy Penguin
  • i-cy Penguin

i-cy Penguin

P-p-pick up an interactive waddling speaker

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    i-cy Penguin

    i-cy's waddle dance

    Penguins are all the rage these days. You can't seem to escape the beaky little blighters. If they're not capturing our hearts in documentaries they're making us giggle in cartoons. Not bad for dumpy little birds that can't even fly.

    And it is this unprecedented level of Penguinmania (yes, we made that up) that has prompted the boffins behind iDog to create a Penguin version of their ever-popular interactive desktop speaker. i-Cy Penguin (see what they've done there?) is quite possibly one of the cutest electronic gizmos we've ever seen, and in terms of coolness he's positively polar.

    i-cy Penguin

    360 degrees of penguin goodness

    Just like the other creatures in the burgeoning i-menagerie, this funky little seabird moves and grooves according to the music he's 'fed' and even responds to touch - no fish-throwing required.

    i-Cy Penguin's mood varies depending on the music you play - just place him near an audio source and watch him waddle and flap around. i-Cy even functions as a speaker for your audio player. A kind of loudbeaker, if you will. Simply plug him into the headphone jack of your audio device (CD, stereo, MP3, computer, etc) and let the disco commence.

    i-cy Penguin

    Stroke the beak

    Cute size

    Flick the tail

    i-cy Penguin

    i-cy + i-pod

    Multicoloured flashing LEDs animate i-Cy's tummy in time to the beat and also reflect his mood as he gets in a flap over various tunes. And if he doesn't get his regular music fix he'll start waving his wings and squawking. Unlike a real penguin, this glacial groover is not averse to a bit of human interaction; pat his head and you'll hear a cheerful squawk, tweak his tail and he'll get annoyed. Squawk 'n' roll!

    Along with Chilly Willy (ask a cartoon nut) and those bow-tie wearing waiters in Mary Poppins, i-Cy Penguin has got to be one of the most entertaining performing penguins we've ever seen. Put him on your desk and you'll be unable to resist feeding him a few tunes every time you look up at his impossibly cute face. i-Cy? He's unbeakably cool!

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