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I drink, therefore I am

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    Scratch 'n' sniff labels with scented clues!

    What did the grape say when the elephant sat on it? Nothing, it just let out a little wine. Yes, that's a terrible joke but we can't get vino off the brain at the moment. And who can blame us because i-Wine has completely re-ignited our love for all things wine-related.

    It looks like a nicely packaged bottle of wine, and it is, but i-Wine is also an interactive quiz for vino lovers. The idea is to activate the aromatic labels with a wee rub or a scratch. Once identified these aromas will be your first clue in choosing the correct grape variety. Putting on a Clouseau-style Franglais accent and talking about refreshing acidity, brooding density and voluptuous unctuosity is entirely optional, non?


    Activate the scratch 'n' sniff lables

    Smell and taste the wine

    Use the tasting notes to help with your choices

    peel back the rear label to reveal the correct answers!

    Next comes the best bit: pop the cork and identify the grape variety by drinking the wine and matching the flavours to a series of tasting notes on the rear label. Finally test yourself and fellow drinkers with the i-Wine quiz before peeling back the rear label to reveal the answers... Genius!

    It doesn't matter if you're a total novice that doesn't know their Chardonnay from their Sauvignon Blanc, or a sniffing, sloshing wine ponce; i-Wine is a fantastic gift for anyone with a thirst for knowledge. The tubular case is pretty cool too.

    Best of all, the vino itself is a very decent drop. Obviously we can't tell you exactly what it is, as that would defeat the object. Suffice to say we've been through several bottles of both the red and white during our exhaustive teshting proshesshh and they're absholutely luvverly. As the Romans used to say: in vino veritas.

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