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i-Top Pro

    i-Top Pro

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      New model: i-Top Pro
      Introducing the i-Top Pro. This little spinning gizmo is packed with great new features like customised messages and improved sounds.
      The humble spinning top has been popular throughout the world for thousands of years. Which, when you think about it, is really rather odd. After all, all they really do is spin. Around. In circles. A lot. We believe the allure lies in that very fact, because humans seem inexplicably drawn to small things that gyrate: gyroscopes, washing machine drums, Britney Spears - you name 'em! With this undeniable fact in mind, we thought we'd look for a 21st century update on the spinning top. And, in the incredible i-Top Pro, we've most definitely found one.

      i-Top At first glance the pocket-sized i-Top Pro looks like a slightly futuristic but otherwise normal spinning top. However, upon closer examination of its decidedly hi-tech surface you'll see two buttons and a row of tiny LEDs. And what are they for, you ask? Well, here's the twist - boom boom! - the i-Top Pro doesn't just spin, it also plays games. Five of them to be precise. Essentially, each game is based on how long or how fast you can spin the i-Top.

      i-Top But prepare to be astounded, because scores and other snippets of info are "magically" displayed on i-Top's spinning surface, thanks to some nifty programming and the phenomenon of "persistence of vision". A folding spindle transforms i-Top into a slim disc, so you can slip it into a pocket and amuse yourself wherever you may roam. i-Top is perfect for individual play as well as competitive gaming amongst friends.

      Games include the "See who can get the most spins" game, the "See who can grab the top on the target number!" game, and the devilishly addictive "See who can land in the Zone!" game. There's even a "Mystic Mode" that lets you ask i-Top a "Yes" or "No" question which it randomly answers with a pre-programmed response, a bit like an electronic magic 8 ball: Q. "Should I buy lots more i-Tops for all my friends?" A. "Could be!"


      If all this sounds a bit childish, er, it is. But that's exactly what makes i-Top so ridiculously unputdownable. It's a top plaything...literally!

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