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The World's First WiFi Iron

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  • Iron your clothes with your smart phone, anywhere in your home
  • Made from brushed stainless-steel with a soft-touch handle
  • Alarm feature – wake up to the smell of freshly ironed linen
  • Built-in camera to see exactly what you're pressing without lifting up the iRon
  • Auto shut-down switch stops you burning your favourite clothes
  • Smart Material Detection sets the correct temperature every time
  • Use the 'Lazy Linen' mode to trace a path for your iron to follow


The iPhone revolutionised the way we communicate with each other, the iKettle revolutionised our feverish hot drink habits, and now the iRon is going to revolutionise...ironing.

The Alarm mode will gently wake you up with the warming aroma of your own freshly pressed clothing – is there any greater way to start the day? Perhaps you've come home from a hard days work and just want to relax and unwind, now is the time to use the 'Lazy Linen' mode and trace a path on your smartphone for the iRon to follow.

Featuring Smart Material Detection, the iRon knows precisely what garment you're ironing and sets the temperature accordingly, whilst the ingenious auto shut-off switch prevents you from absent-mindedly burning through all of your favourite clothes.

Embedded in the ironing plate is a 9 megapixel camera that allows you to see exactly where you're pressing and when those creases have gone – all on your smartphone screen so you don't even have to lift up the iRon. It also works very well as a regular point-and-shoot camera or as a discreet home security solution.

A simple-one touch setup instantly pairs your smartphone with this beautiful stainless-steel device so you'll be effortlessly ironing your clothes in no time at all. Once you've tried it you'll immediately want to rub shoulders with other like-minded clothes pressers, so why not join the thriving iRon community to share and compare your riveting ironing stories on the Ironing Board.

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