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OK Commuter

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Sh*t Hot right now
  • Don't look where you're going with this slimline external smartphone case
  • Patent pending pedestrian proximity light system™
  • Warns you when when you might hit something without yours eyes leaving your screen
  • Maintain physical safety and your social profile at the same time
  • Case lights up in direction of closest potential commuter crash


According to recent research 17% of adults have bumped into another person or object whilst distracted by their mobile phones. It's a real generational problem, and it's only getting worse.

Let's face it, you know where you're going (roughly) so why should you have to look up and away from your phone screen to navigate? You shouldn't have to. You've got social feeds waiting to be mindlessly thumbed through, news alerts begging for attention, sh*t games not even worthy of the Atari to play, exes to stalk, other peoples lives to envy, boxsets to plough through and sexting to enjoy.

The only problem is that 'other people' want to do that too. And they aren't looking where they're going either. And that means commuter carnage.

Ok, at the moment it’s just awkward injuries, social shaming, bumped shoulders and possibly getting attacked by a lamppost - but tomorrow it will be getting knocked over by a bus, walking into a horse, kneeing a child in the face, falling off a cliff or worse.

This is why we invented i-Dodge.

Powered by a cutting-edge sensor chip (which accesses the phone camera for information), the i-Dodge is a slimline external case featuring a patented light system which alerts the user to any obstacle within their path, enabling the user to navigate safely to their destination without incident.

If the case glows amber, then an object is nearing from that direction and using your peripheral vision (so you don't need to stop looking at your screen) you can adjust your trajectory. If the case glows red, then impact is imminent and an emergency manoeuvre is needed (again, you should still have time to not have to look up).

The i-Dodge really makes you more mobile on your mobile. Just follow the light.

More detail and specification