CCO - Chief Creative Officer

Job Description:

We’re looking for a talented CCO (Chief Creative Officer) to join our work family and grow into a creative international gifting powerhouse.

Working closely with, and reporting to the Managing Director the new role will work closely with our Head of E-Commerce and oversee the creative direction and brand side of our business whilst leading key departments and resources.

This is an amazing opportunity to shape a real cult brand experience across all content channels (brand awareness, marketing, product, sub-brands, site, social, blog) and customer touch points.

You will have free license to move quickly and take risks with our brand and creative output.

The right person will

  • Get things done - by knowing which dominoes to push and which ideas to nurture (or kill)
  • Be responsible for the strategy and project managing of our creative output
  • Help lead the creation of new ideas for all aspects of the Firebox brand
  • Become the key Brand Guardian across Firebox retail and trade businesses
  • Full responsibility for delivering imaginative content and experiences across all customer touch points
  • Relentlessly develop and deliver on ideas to increase PR, Brand awareness and sales whilst keeping Firebox as a cult gifting brand the centre of the story
  • Lead by execution. Take our wealth of (half) ideas (your own and those of the Firebox Hive Mind) and transform them into brilliant customer-facing services, products and experiences quickly and without (too much) dilution
  • Display brilliant reporting skills; being the key stakeholder for delivering regular creative insight and updates to Ops team/across the Firebox business
  • Know how to make shareable, viral-ripe content marketing using internal resources or external agencies
  • Enthusiastically lead/manage/develop/mentor departmental heads across Design, PR, Social,
  • Creative, Product Dev and work harmoniously with others
  • Ownership of creative budgets that enhance our marketing activity and finding creative and cost-effective ways to attract and retain customers
  • Oversee and drive our Content Calendar - through planning to execution
  • Work closely with the Head of E-Commerce and key stakeholders to infuse the Firebox brand values and creativity across all marketing campaigns
  • Increase brand awareness, reach new audiences and lay the foundations for them to convert into valuable, loyal repeat customers
  • Be a project management ace; know how to be responsible for driving priorities and getting departments to cooperate to timelines and deadlines
  • Inspires the creative team to more advanced and better work using brainstorming sessions, team meetings, and other strategic tools.
  • Define and develop our social content strategy - including influencers and PR newsjacking
  • Obsess over ways to blow our customers minds and be a voice of the customer across the business
  • Use whatever you need - project management, meetings, bribery, coercion, mind control - to get Firebox from a company bursting with ideas to a company bursting with creative execution
  • Responsible for finding the right brand partnerships and activations to enhance brand awareness
  • Question everything. Think creatively. Don’t accept the status quo without good reason. Know when to get into the detail and when to approach with a higher level strategic view
  • Maintains consistency over the quality and message of the creative team’s output
  • You’ll be...inquisitive, friendly, smart and ambitious
  • A true creative thinker/creator who can help each aspect of Firebox become a CULT gift brand experience
  • Leftfield thinker with a good sense of humour and a joy for life
  • Business savvy, self-starter with a positive attitude and lust for learning
  • Passionate about our products, and the value of gifting
  • Starts all thinking with the customer and embraces our not for everyone ethos
  • Creative, imaginative, culturally savvy, trend aware
  • Not cheesy, crass, novelty, lazy or obvious
  • Know your memes, trends and cultural talking points - and how Firebox can join those conversations
  • An ideas machine and creative maverick!
  • Approaches challenges with an open mind and a solution orientated demeanour
  • An abundance of soft skills to help guide your direct reports and provide a foil for the Ops team
  • Highly intelligent. It doesn’t matter if that’s self-taught, degree, school of life, experience or a mixture of all of them
  • Track record in similar roles, with relevant management experience and success
Competitive salary and benefits

Even more competitive opportunity for fun and impact

Please contact: with your CV and a cover letter telling us why Firebox is the company for you.

Good luck!

About Us:

We are

Firebox is not for everyone. We are a 21 year old pureplay cult gifting retailer, with ambitious goals to drive brand growth and over-deliver on the gifting experience.

We create our own products and curate the best of the rest to provide unusual, shareable gifts and sub-brands.

We want to take risks. We want to act quickly. We don’t mess around when it comes to mucking about.

Based in Spitalfields, London.

Relaxed working environment, we are not corporate (there is no dress code!)

Numerous office dogs.