Zumba Fitness Kit
  • Zumba Fitness Kit

Zumba Fitness Kit

Dance yourself fit

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    Comes with two Zumba toning sticks

    If you’re anything like us, exercise only happens on those rare occasions we see a dark cloud and someone yells “Bees!”. But our irrational fears aside, finding the motivation to get off the couch, raise our heart rate and burn some calories on a regular basis can be a real uphill struggle. So thank the South Americans for Zumba!

    If you haven’t discovered Zumba yet, you’re missing out. Because this hip-wiggling, shoulder-rolling, foot-tapping pastime is actually exercise in disguise. It’s great fun first, and good for you second. And the best part is you don’t even need to leave the house! Which is no bad thing, with all those deadly swarms about.

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    Dance your way to fitness

    Our Zumba Fitness Kit has everything you need to get started. Four DVDs guide you through everything from the most popular Zumba steps and rhythms, to more targeted workouts. Short on time? There are even workouts that you can squeeze into your lunchbreak, or morning schedule before you leave the house. In fact just a few minutes of Zumba every day will help to boost your energy levels, burn fat and give you an all-over body workout. And you don’t need to go anywhere near a leotard.

    The Fitness Kit also comes with a pair of Zumba Toning Sticks. Each of these weighted bars is filled with loose grains, which make a satisfying swish as you swing them. Perfect for shaking along to the beat and helping to tone up your arms at the same time.

    With all sorts of challenges to keep you motivated this fantastic workout is fun for all the family. So get everyone involved! No matter if you’re a seasoned Zumbologist or you have two left feet, you can all dance to the same tune. The more you dance, the more fun it becomes! And we haven’t even mentioned that all this Zumbing will leave you with more dance moves than you’ll know what to do with. So for the next office party, disco, or family wedding, not only will you fit into that sexy suit or slinky skirt, you can also work it like it ain’t no thang.

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