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I’m forever blowing (coloured) bubbles

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    Zubbles are out of this world

    Bubbles have been delighting, fascinating and entertaining kids for at least…erm, *sound of frantic Wikipedia-ing* four-hundred years. But coloured bubbles? That’s impossible isn’t it? Well no, because some egghead with too much time on his hands has only gone and proved bubble boffins wrong. Boys and girls, we give you Zubbles.

    Zubbles are the world’s first coloured bubbles, and by jingo they’re impressive. Kids will go nuts for them. But parents needn’t despair because as well as being non-toxic they won’t stain a thing, not even your clown suit; the colour miraculously vanishes seconds after they pop, following exposure to air, water or pressure. Amazing!

    Ideal for adding a vivid touch of magic to weddings, birthdays, kids’ parties, raves and more, these wondrous orbs of soapy something-or-other are a result of years of serious research. We won’t bore you with the technology (because we don’t understand it) but it involves special dyes, soaps and complex formulae. Whatever. The bottom line is Zubbles are truly astounding.

    Available in Blazing Blue or Presto Pink, Zubbles make regular transparent bubbles look positively dull. Start blowing these babies at a party and kids will think you’re the greatest thing since SpongeBob. Indeed, extensive tests at the Firebox crèche have resulted in countless wows, several oohs and even the odd awestruck silence. So get blowing. Coloured bubbles? What’s not to love!

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