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Zombies! An Illustrated History of the Undead

Flesh out your knowledge

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  • A rich bloodbath of knowledge to pour inside your delicious brain
  • Full of gory cinematic stills, poster artwork and graphic novel cells
  • Written by Jovanka Vuckovic, award-winning writer and film critic
  • Can definitely be used to frantically bludgeon Zombies to death
This gruesome volume traces the history of zombies, from their origins in ancient Haitian voodoo folklore; to their shuffling portrayal in Romero's seminal cult classic 'Night of the Living Dead,' all the way to the modern day where these gut-munching fiends now seem to permeate every crevice of popular culture.

Touching on comics, video games, TV shows, and films - no stone has been left unturned in this extensive historical compendium, even Michael Jackson’s iconic Thriller video gets the once over. They've packed in a veritable blood-soaked bounty of supremely gory cinematic stills, horrific poster artwork and choice graphic novel cells.

Whether you're a hardened Zombiephile, cooped up in a heavily fortified shed or you've got just introduced yourself to the delights of 'The Walking Dead' – flesh out your knowledge of the undead with this highly accessible and entertaining book.

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