Zombie Mints
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Zombie Mints

Fight off that death breath

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    zombie hand holding mints


    It’s hard to make friends when you’re a zombie. All that moaning and shuffling about can put people right off. Not to mention a diet of raw human meat can cause frightfully bad breath. So the next time you’re popping out for a bite, make sure you carry Zombie Mints in your tattered pocket.

    Of course, these are in fact premium quality mint imperials. But with their silver tin and authentic-looking label they make a great gift for children and grown-ups alike.

    Zombie Mints are just one of a range of spine-chilling (and stomach-churning) products from Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, East London’s premier purveyor of everyday and bespoke goods for the living, dead and undead (it says here). Not only are they worryingly good at coming up with icky edibles, they also donate their proceeds to the registered charity The Ministry of Stories.

    What’s more, proceeds from Zombie Mints go to the registered charity the Ministry of Stories. This incredible group arranges writing workshops for young people, helping them to hone their creativity, imagination and storytelling skills. As a result, making sure they don’t end up mindless, shuffling, zombies themselves when they grow up. Breath mint?

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