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Zombie Juice Water Bottle
  • Zombie Juice Water Bottle

Zombie Juice Water Bottle

Liquid braaaaains

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    Zombie Kerry drinking

    Must have braaaaaiiiinns!

    We’re all familiar with zombies moaning for ‘braaaaains...’ and other squishy parts of our anatomy. But you never hear them smacking their undead lips and moaning ‘waaaaater...’, and why? Because today’s zombie-on-the-go always packs Zombie Juice! Made with freshly squeezed brains, it’s delicious and refreshing. Mmm... prefrontal cortexy.

    For those of us yet to join the ranks of walking dead, we can enjoy the Zombie Juice Water Bottle. Bearing the name of this entirely fictitious drink, this coated aluminium canteen is ideal for anyone on the move – whether you’re hiking, cycling, or just commuting to work. And it makes a great change from those po-faced water bottles you usually see. Well, why not? After all, if it weren’t for our sense of humour we’d be no better than those shambling dead-eyed zombies anyway!

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