Zombie Jerky
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Zombie Jerky

Apocalypse cow

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    Suitable for Humans and Zombies

    Terrifying harbinger of the apocalypse, or delicious between-meal snack? It seems that our grizzly cousin the zombie is both. At least, if Zombie Jerky is anything to go by.

    Yes, food fanciers, now you can enjoy your very own meaty morsels of the undead. Raised on a diet of corn-fed humans, Zombie Jerky is the tasty, tangy alternative to peanuts and crisps. But before you cry ‘Eeeew!’ and start calling the police, don’t worry – it’s organic.

    Or at least it would be, if any of this were true. This delightfully icky stuff is actually made from good old fashioned beef. Dried to perfection and coated in slimy green ‘Teriyucky’ flavour, the chewy snack is sure to go down a treat at Halloween parties. And it makes a great gift to the B-Movie buff in your life.
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