Zombie Head Mug
  • Zombie Head Mug

Zombie Head Mug

Hot Cuppa Jo's Brains

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  • Sip blood and gore from a withered zombie head
  • It's the cranial goblet of the damned!
  • Will comfortably hold one smaller-than-average brain
  • Look at his gormless boss-eyed face, he was just like you once


5th February 2019 – Day 74 – 18:00

It's been little over two months now since the outbreak. I've become separated from the group. They're almost certainly all dead. The screaming has ceased but I can still hear them wheezing and scratching about outside. I've been barricaded in this coffee shop store cupboard with nothing but a rusty fridge and a worn-out leather sofa propped between me and certain oblivion. I'm wearily typing this using my own blood as ink, poured into an old discarded typewriter.

I'm definitely losing it. Have I turned? Is this what it should feel like? I'm not sure.

With nothing to do, after just a week in here I've started to scalp the puckered green heads of the undead. I thought it would stop there but I've taken a sinister pleasure in removing, and later gorging on their lovely bulbous pink brains. I must say the result is a very fetching drinking vessel. Perhaps when this has all blown over I can turn these mugs into some sort of successful business venture. What else are we going to do with the all the rotting left-over heads?

6th February 2019 – Day 75 – 04:30

Note to self. Slippers

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