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Zombie Cribbage

When life deals you the undead

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  • Wile away the quiet hours of the zombie apocalypse
  • It's the classic parlour game that just won't die
  • Your very own zombified deck of playing cards
  • An essential survival bunker accessory
Once you've gathered your loved ones, looted an abandoned supermarket for baked beans and medicine, armed yourself to the teeth with crowbars and cricket bats and barricaded yourself into your local pub...what the hell happens then? We'd give it about 2 hours before someone pipes up "cards anyone?"

Come on. It's not going to be the relentless hourly struggle that Hollywood portrays, there's going to be a lot of sitting around – so what better way to pass the time than a good old fashioned game of Zombie Cribbage.

This un-dead twist on the 17th Century card game comes complete with a zombified deck of playing cards (yes it's a word) and instead of your standard bland cribbage board and pins you've got an open cobbled street and a rabble of gormless staggering zombies (you know, to remind you of precisely what's going on outside).

Never mind the so-called "survival essentials" – a tinned pie and a crossbow are of no use when you're all delirious from boredom. Save yourselves and enjoy the classic parlour game that just won't die.

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  • "Never played Cribbage in my life and the Zombie board helped cover up the feeling of getting old. Got the family hooked too."
    Lewis - 14th of April, 2015