Zombie Brain Jelly Mould
  • Zombie Brain Jelly Mould

Zombie Brain Jelly Mould

Anyone for chilled cerebellum?

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    The human brain is the most complicated and mysterious object in the known universe. But you won't care about that when you're tucking into one, especially when it's made from fantastically wibbly-wobbly jelly. You won't even need a degree in neurology to create one, just a Zombie Brain Jelly Mould!

    Zombie Brain Jelly Mould

    Jelly mould

    This hard plastic mould allows wannabe Frankensteins to make gloriously ghoulish jelly brains. Simply pour your liquid jelly (pink works best) into the mould, allow it to cool and you'll have a jiggly left hemisphere of brain to tuck into. Mmm...frontal lobe!

    Zombie Brain Jelly Mould

    Simply pour your liquid jelly into the mould

    Perfect for Halloween parties or any other brain-themed shindig (well you never know), the Zombie Brain Jelly Mould is guaranteed to amuse and revolt in equal measure. Chuck in a few strawberries to act as additional brain matter and your grisly creation will be scarier than Bela Lugosi and Jackie Stallone combined. Well, almost.

    Zombie Brain Jelly Mould

    Place mould into the fridge

    As bits of jellified cerebellum slip down your throat, you might be tempted to re-enact your favourite zombie movie or try your hand at a bit of dessert-based brain surgery. You could even ponder the fact that your brain contains the mechanisms of thought, perception and consciousness - a seriously bewildering concept, especially if you're jelly has been laced with a little alcoholic oomph.

    Zombie Brain Jelly Mould

    Spooky box

    Cheap as chips and far more convenient than a raid on the mortuary, the Zombie Brain Jelly Mould is destined to become a party favourite, year in, year out. What's more it's the ideal way to add a touch of laboratory-chic to spooky soirees. And making jelly is a doddle. Even a recently decapitated zombie can pour water and open a fridge.

    If you've got any brains at all you should be hitting the Buy button right now. If not, we can only assume you've got jelly for brains. Mwah-ha-ha!

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