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Zombie Bootcamp
  • Zombie Bootcamp

Zombie Bootcamp

The apocalypse is nigh

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Locations Available:
Droitwich, Worcestershire on Friday, Saturday or Sunday


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    Get trained on how to wield a chainsaw against a zombie army

    Worcestershire. Present day. The outbreak of an unknown virus has rendered England’s usually quite stoic population into hordes of mindless zombies. As the survivors, you and your friends, work colleagues or the usual bunch of randoms must train with the best if you are to survive. But where can you learn the basic skills for life in this post-apocalyptic nightmare? You need Zombie Bootcamp.

    Set up as England’s last hope against the undead menace, this thrilling (and ridiculously fun) experience is a must for anyone who ever wondered how they’d cope in a zombie apocalypse. So... pretty much all of us then.

    Your day starts with equipment and weapons training. First you’ll be kitted out in standard-issue Kevlar body armour, jacket and trousers. Then a team of ‘seasoned veterans’ will teach you how to handle a specially-adapted pistol, assault rifle and grenades. You’ll be drilled in how to clear a room of walking dead and then... then you’ll have lunch. After lunch, you’ll put everything you’ve been taught into practice. That’s when things get really scary.

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    Led by your instructor, you and you team will storm a warehouse and engage actual, in-the-rotting-flesh zombies. You’ll then be split into pairs and left to clear the building room by room – tossing grenades, firing ‘blood-pellets’ and even going hand-to-hand with the shambling nasties when the ammo runs out.

    Do you and your friends have what it takes to survive? Or will you end up one of the legions of undead yourself? Enrol in Zombie Bootcamp today and find out. Your (post apocalyptic) country needs you!


  • Activity 1. Basic training use of pistol, grenade and rifle 3 x 40 minutes periods.
  • Activity 2. Mission Brief 30 mins.
  • Activity 3. Main Mission 1 hour.
  • Activity 4. Debrief , photos issue certificates 15 mins.
  • On completion of the mission the teams will be debriefed by the instructors then be free to depart. A day normally ends at about 1500 onwards
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