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Zoku Quick Pop Sticks

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    Close up of the Zoku Quick Pop Sticks

    Funky patterns!

    With the weather being as it is (ie all over the shop), we can never predict when we’re going to be bathed in the next glorious heatwave. So having a rack of lollies ready and waiting in the Zoku Quick Lolly Maker is always a good idea. But what happens when demand exceeds supply? You’ve got a stuffy panic on your hands! So make sure you can churn out as many ices as there are hot bods in your house with these Zoku Quick Pop Sticks.

    Made to work with the Zoku Quick Lolly Maker these extra sticks let you get on with making the next batch of ice lollies while the other sticks are still in use. Perfect on a hot summer’s day, these little lifesavers will save your family having to huddle in the basement to stay cool or munch on frozen chips.

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